The STM Master Plan – Turning the vision into reality!

The STM Master Plan is the key instrument to coordinate the STM deployment to modernise the maritime domain. It outlines the essential operational and technological changes foreseen to achieve the STM Target Concept.

Lines of change

The STM Master Plan  is grouped in four different operational areas, where improvements are to be gained – Lines of change. Here you can follow all planned improvements, changes and new ways of working  in the operational areas Information sharing environment, Planning the voyage, Voyage execution and Integrated port operations.

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Improvement phases

The STM Master Plan is divided in three  improvement phases, where the STM concept is beeing deployed. In this view you can zoom in to what to expect to see of STM before the year 2020, 2025 and up until the year 2030.

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Stakeholder perspective

To reach the full potiential of Sea Traffic Management, many stakeholers in the shipping community needs to be active and contribute to reach the goals and visions of STM. Here you can follow what is expected from a certain stakeholder group, and in which area and time frame the contribution is expected.

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The Key Performance Area Safety addresses the risks, prevention, occurrence and mitigation of maritime accidents and incidents.

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The Key Performance Area Efficiency addresses the role of STM in improving performance of maritime  business.

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The Key Performance Area Environment  addresses the role of STM in the management and control of environmental impacts produced by maritime transport.

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