What is STM?

Sea Traffic Management

The introduction of Sea Traffic Management (STM) sets a focus upon enabling safe, sustainable, and efficient sea transports. STM is a response to the need to increase efficiency in operations within and between ports. The concept takes a holistic approach to services putting the berth-to-berth voyage in focus and uses that as a core element for process optimisation, stakeholder interaction and information sharing. An enhanced sharing of information ship-to-ship, ship-to-shore, and shore-to-shore is also an important enabler for increased situational awareness and safety during sea transports. STM has already shown that substantial savings of bunker costs could be earned and that high utilization of resources of the facilities in ports can be reached while the degree of safety is increased.

The information sharing principles in STM leads to improvements in

  • Predictability of arrivals and departures enabling better planning for all parties
  • Just in time operations by better predictability and information sharing in and between ports and ships
  • New innovative services that are non-vendor dependent, interoperable and with low cost
  • Situational awareness – knowing others intentions optimises resource utilisation and reduces number of accidents


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