IP 2020-2025 – Increasing operational capabilities

In this second improvement phase, more of the envisioned operational services are coming into operation. The SeaSwim is now in place supporting the possibility of seamless and secure information sharing throughout the transport chain and its actors.

The different actors in the industry are now, directly, or through their system suppliers, connected to the information-sharing infrastructure SeaSWIM through SeaSwim connectors. This means that stakeholders along the transport chain can be notified much earlier of their involvement in a specific voyage. A voyage is identified through a unique voyage identifier, UVID. This possibility, together with the possibility to open up the whole, or parts of the Voyage plan ,and related information,  to those stakeholders that will need this information, for automatic delivery (subscription of information). Significant improvements can be done increasing quality and saving unnecessary work, for all actors involved.

The Route Exchange format (REXF) introduced in IP1 is now generally implemented in ships and shore functions involved (VTS, SRS, PC) and together with the possibility to subscribe for relevant and authorised information, a VTS area or port can be notified of the intentions of majority of approaching ships, long before their arrival, which will give a much better planning horizon for these actors. This in turn improves optimisation and efficiency of their operations.

The fact that all relevant information of the Voyage is now available in SeaSwim will create new services that automatically provide port states, coastal states etc. with mandatory ship reporting information. The administrative burden for the officers on board will also decrease significantly.

Having SeaSwim together with the route exchange possibility, Port-CDM enabled ports will be able to provide synchronisation services for approaching ships, enabling just-in-time arrival reducing waiting time at anchor. The adjustment of transport contracts to this enhanced possibility will start to generate substantial savings in bunker consumption and environmental footprint of shipping.