Stakeholder perspective

Regulating and standardisation

Standardisation organization is typically a non-profit organization where individual companies collaborate in developing standards used throughout the concerned industry e.g. CIRM for marine electronics companies. Regulating body refers to international organisations in the maritime field such as IMO and IALA.

Authorities and government

Authorities and Governments includes National Competent Authorities such as Administrations, including coastal state responsibilities, and agencies in the maritime field. Also Coast Guard, Military and customs are included in this Group.

Port Operators

Port Operators refers to all actors operating in the port area e.g. terminals, stevedoring, pilots, port control and port authority. Also other stakeholders related to a port call such as disposal, ship chandler and tendering boats.

Service providers

A service provider is an organisation that develops, maintains and provides services to consumers. Services could be both information services and operational services like optimization services. Also ship agents are considered part of this group

Ship owners and operators

Ship owners and operators refers to all different stakeholders involved in operation concerning planning, operation, and management of ships e.g. ship operators and onboard crew.

Cargo owners

Cargo owners charters ships or contract ship operators for a transport need.

Research and development

A research and development (R&D) provider performs research and development activities. In the STM development, this could be new projects or research activities needed, including industrial R&D.

System suppliers

A system supplier is an organisation that provides human and technical systems and infrastructure e.g. manufacturers of Port Community Systems, navigational systems and shipping ERPs.