Enablers affecting Cargo Owners

Cargo Owners
Cargo owners charters ships or contract ship operators for a transport need.
EN-034 – A possible contractual arrangement to enable the service.
A contract term for the relevant services is crucially connected to the predictability and certainty of legal consequences associated with the service transactions. Some aspects are particularly important such as the breach of confidentiality, privacy or data protection, or breaches of regulatory or security requirements such as breaches giving rise to regulatory fines. A contractual arrangement would make the operational requirements legally binding and enforceable against the participants, regulate content of operational requirements , define and govern the legal rights, responsibilities and liabilities of the participants. Such a contract could be part of the mandatory requirements for STM actors � ensuring ID registry and liability � �STM Rule book�.
EN-051 – Improved contracts including clauses that establish terms for implementing right steaming.
Port call synchronization and green / right steaming requires a change in existing contract templates (charter parties) providing incentives for just-in-time approaches and establishing / communicating / committing to port of readiness.
EN-160 – Technical integration with existing actor registers in shipping
The possibility to connect the Identity registry to existing catalogue services providing actor registries (such as managed by IMPA, FONASBA, IHMA etc.).