Information sharing environment

Information sharing in IP1

During the STM validation project, conducted in the beginning of IP 1, several key features of SeaSwim are being validated. Even though a firm governed and validated generic information sharing environment will not be available until the second improvement phase, IP2, there will be a provisional SeaSWIM functionality that will work as a starting point for system developers in the industry, planning to adopt their products to the SeaSwim concept, (e.g. Actor Identity information service ).

Besides the Actor Identity Register, standards such as Unique Voyage ID , Voyage Information Format and Port Call Format, are being developed and adopted The syetem providers in the maritime industry devel are actively taking part in the development of these industry standards, and adjusting their products to encompass these when SeaSwim will be operational on a wider basis. Meanwhile, these standardised objects are being used in the communication means and methods, currently available, giving integrational advantages, even though it is not fully automated until IP2.

The governance structures for SeaSwim is being defined and identified.

Information sharing in IP2

In the second improvement phase, the SeaSwim is becoming fully operational. There exists a governing body which is representing the different federated constellations of actors with a stake in the information sharing in the shipping community. This governing body have now established procedures and framework ensuring the quality and security of the information services provided by different actors in the industry.

The identity registry and the access management services in SeaSwim are now accepted and commonly used by a majority of actors. This means that a major part of the shipping companies will have streamlined their information exchange, and at the same time made it more secure. It is also possible to subscribe for information relevant to the actor, giving a possibility for receiving relevant information, much earlier than today.

The Unique Voyage ID is now implemented so that practically all voyages performed are having a UVID assigned. Mechanisms for providing identities or unique number series to the shipping operators, are in place and governed by the same body as SeaSwim.

Information sharing in IP3

In this third Improvement phase, SeaSwim have been integrated as a natural and trusted part of the shipping business. A major part of the actors in the shipping industry are in some way connected to SeaSwim. Also other parts of the logistic chain are now integrated. Freight forwarders, cargo owners, hinterland transport modes – all are now subscribing for information relevant to their business. The Voyage Information Object, is now covering all aspects of the information flow including cargo information.SeaSwim is federated with major information infrastructures for freight transport.